Marius Mehrl

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Munich

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Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Fritz, Cornelius, Marius Mehrl, Paul W. Thurner, & Göran Kauermann. 2021. The Role of Governmental Weapons Procurements in Forecasting Monthly Fatalities in Intrastate Conflicts: A Semiparametric Hierarchical Hurdle Model. International Interactions: Online First.     Publisher Link (Open Access)
  2. Mehrl, Marius, & Christoph Dworschak. 2021. Female Combatants and United Nations Peacekeeping Deployments. Cooperation and Conflict: Online First.       Publisher Link (Open Access)
  3. Heinkelmann-Wild, Tim, & Marius Mehrl. 2021. Indirect Governance at War: Delegation and Orchestration in Rebel Support. Journal of Conflict Resolution: Online First.     Publisher Link (Open Access)
  4. Choulis, Ioannis, Marius Mehrl, & Kostas Ifantis. 2021. Arms Racing, Military Build-ups and Dispute Intensity: Evidence from the Greek-Turkish Rivalry, 1985-2020. Defence and Peace Economics: Online First.     Publisher Link (Open Access)
  5. Mehrl, Marius. 2021. The Effect of Child Soldiers on Rebel Violence against Civilians. Civil Wars: Online First.                                                                             Accepted Version      Publisher Link  
  6. Mehrl, Marius, & Ioannis Choulis. 2021. The Colonial Roots of Structural Coup-Proofing. International Interactions 47 (4): 750-776.                                            Accepted Version     Publisher Link
  7. Mehrl, Marius, & Ioannis Choulis. 2021. Diversionary Politics and Territorial Disputes: Evidence from Turkish Airspace Incursions. Foreign Policy Analysis 17 (3): orab007.     Accepted Version     Publisher Link
  8. Bakaki, Zorzeta, & Marius Mehrl. 2021. Examining Conflict Management Technique Sequences in International Claims. International Interactions 47 (1): 56-78.     Accepted Version     Publisher Link
  9. Mehrl, Marius. 2020. Female Combatants and Wartime Rape: Reconsidering the Role of Women in Armed Conflict. Armed Forces & Society: Online First.         Publisher Link (Open Access)
  10. Mehrl, Marius, & Paul W. Thurner. 2021. The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Armed Conflict: Early Evidence. Political Studies Review 19 (2): 286-293.     Publisher Link (Open Access)
  11. Mehrl, Marius, & Tobias Böhmelt. 2021. How Mediator Leadership Transitions Influence Mediation Effectiveness. Conflict Management and Peace Science 38 (1): 45-62.     Publisher Link (Open Access)
  12. Mehrl, Marius, & Paul W. Thurner. 2020. Military Technology and Human Loss in Intrastate Conflict: The Conditional Impact of Governmental Arms Imports. Journal of Conflict Resolution 64 (6): 1172-1196.     Accepted Version     Publisher Link

Other Publications

  1. Choulis, Ioannis, Selin Sivis, and Marius Mehrl. 2021. Avoiding Disaster in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Latent Tension Index for Greek-Turkish Relations. Dialogue Paper 01. Istanbul: CIES, Kadir Has University. Publisher Link
  2. Mehrl, Marius. 2017. Bargaining with Intensity: Arms and the Signalling of Insurgent Capacity in South Sudan (2005-2017). FI Working Paper No. 8. Felsberg: edition eins. Publisher Link
  3. Mehrl, Marius. 2015. Performanzevaluationen und Wahlverhalten in Ghana (= Performance Evaluations and Voting Behaviour in Ghana). Münchner Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft 104. Munich: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. Publisher Link